NigerREN founded this 22 december 2011

NigerREN has been founded today 22 December 2011 in Niamey.   The Founding General Assembly was opened this morning by the Minister of Education and Scientific Research of Niger and attended by about 60 participants.


Guests included Boubakar Barry of RENU (AAU), Anicet Andjouat of GabonREN, the Director General of the African Institute of Computer Science (IAI) in Libreville (Gabon), the Director General of the IAI-Cameroon and the Director General of IAI-Togo.  Heads of 19 higher education and research institutions signed the NigerREN membership form and became NigerREN's founding members, after discussion and adoption of the statutes.

Among them, we have all the four public universities, five private institutes, all the major national and international higher education and research institutes based in Niger. 

The General Assembly appointed a Board of five members as follows :

    Pr Abarchi Habibou, Vice-chancelor of Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey (President);
    Dr Motcho Kokou Henri, Vice-chancelor of University of Zinder (Vice-President);
    Pr Hamma Beidi, Resident Representative of IAI in Niger;
    Dr Abdelkader Kadir Galy, Director General of IFAENF, Niamey;
    Moulay Bachir Bendekken, Director General of EPN, Niamey.

On behalf of the Board, Pr Abarchi Habibou expressed the gratitude of NigerREN to the members of the Regional Network for Education and Research in West Africa and Central (WACREN), who came to share with us their experiences, specially representatives of National Networks of Education and Research in Gabon (GabonREN), Mali (MaliREN) and Senegal (SnRER).  In his first speech, Pr Abarchi Habibou thanked the Department of Secondary and Higher education and Scientific Research, and the Association of African Universities through its Unit Networks Education and Research (RENU) for their continuous effort and their continued support.   He made special mention of Dr Boubakar Barry, Coordinator of RENU for his continued support including his physical presence in two NigerREN meetings.  According to its statutes, the Board of NigerREN will proceed with the establishment of the Executive Secretariat which will be responsible for administrative management functions of the national network.  The necessary instructions will be given to the Executive Secretariat of NigerREN to develop the Strategic Plan for 2012-2015