WACREN is organizing its 6th Annual Conference on 19-20 March 2020 in Cotonou, Benin, hosted by the Benin Research and Education Network (RBER).

The theme of the conference is: "Digital Transformation for Development".

Cotonou to host #WACREN2020 on March 19 & 20

Next year's edition of WACREN Conference is slated for March 19 and 20 in Benin's capital - Cotonou. 

One exciting news is that #WACREN2020 would mark the 10th anniversary of the regional REN.

Next year's event is expected to be packed with very engaging and insightful topics and activities germane to the theme for the conference which would be announced soon.

Time to Assess and Strategize for the Future: WACREN, NRENs and Partners Meet

End of September 2019, the Goree Institute in Senegal was the destination for the two-day workshop to assess the level of development of NRENs in the WACREN region and position them to attract support from donor organisations across the world.

WACREN Bids Farewell to Immediate Past Executive Secretary of VCG and Pays a Courtesy Visit to his Successor


WACREN presented an African outfit to Mr. Peter Kaba, as a token of appreciation to him for being very instrumental in securing a head office space for WACREN at the Vice Chancellors Ghana (VCG) Office Complex in Accra.


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